domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

Rock Bottom.

This is it. I've hit the rock bottom.
I'm letting you go.

Ever since I heard this I've been meaning to post it, as goodbye. Only I knew it wasn't true, yet. Now it is.

Because I'm ashamed of having to tell myself everyday that you are not, and never were, perfect. I'm sick of asking myself if you even miss me. It's obvious you don't or you'd have come after me, like I wish you would. Or are you that naive? Did you really think I wanted you gone?

But now, I'm done with all this "sitting, waiting, wishing"... I'm done wondering if I should text you... Done, really done.

"You really like being humiliated, don't you?" No, I don't. That's why this is stopping. Starting now, I’m going to forget all that crap you told me about being together “in the end” and other stuff I’m too much ashamed to bring out in the light, because I believed it.

Today this stops. From now on, the only way is up. I’m sorry this has to end like this. I really thought we could have it all. I guess I was wrong. Now we’ll never know…