domingo, 12 de julho de 2009

There was something...

I do believe that we have something in common. I just can’t find it, I can’t remember it… And you’re not helping. Lately, everything you do, everything you say, just reminds me of your intolerance and inflexibility and all the things I don’t like (hate?!) about you…

And I ask myself if you really understand who I am! You don’t seem to… You keep talking about subjects you swore you’d close. You insist on mention things that still hurt me. And the worse of it is that you talk like I’m some kind of ridiculous being who has no clue of what life is about, and all my actions and reactions are inappropriate and exaggerated, and basically it is all my fault. Even though I spent hours trying to make you see my point of view. Even though I opened myself up trying to show you what was going on.

I wonder why I’m here, why do we get along. We must have something, or else I know I wouldn’t be here. But right now, I’m completely unable to find that “something” we’re (I’m?) missing.

And what if it’s gone? Well, I guess we’ll just move on. It’s not a suggestion, in case you’re wondering if I’m “dumping” you. I’m just stating a fact, sometimes these things happen. We just have to lower our expectations and try to start over. Because, like it or not, everything moves around us. And that gives us responsibility. We’re the center, and the center must hold. (Yep, I’m quoting Bones…) So we must make an effort. Let’s not try to be “besties”, let’s just try to get along, no fuss. Maybe we’ll go back, maybe we’ll go forward. Maybe together, maybe in opposite directions. You might say – only fate knows… I say – only time will tell. But the point is I guess we have to wait and see where we’re heading.

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